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Mountain Equestrian Vacations

Horses are a great way to get off the beaten path and experience our natural world, especially in mountainous areas, where the terrain is sometimes best suited to horses. Exploring the mountains is sometimes challenging, but the rewards- the fresh air, beautiful surroundings and the fact that you get to ride there—are worth it!

Mountain Riding Tip: Remember to dress or pack layers when riding in the mountains, as the weather can change quickly. For cooler weather rides, fleece or wool layers will keep you cozy. Even on a warm day, it’s a good idea to bring a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms from the sun or in case the weather takes a turn. Sweaters and fleece jackets that zip or button, so that you can shed them quickly during the day and then also put them back on easily are key when you're in the saddle. Consider strapping a rain jacket to your saddle, preferably a raincoat made of fabric that is not too noisy, as you don't want your raincoat to spook your horse. (more packing tips)

Here are a few mountain equestrian escapes.

Vermont Mountain Top Inn
Combine trail riding with lessons in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where trails wind through wooded forests and can take you to some awesome views. The Mountain Top Inn Equestrian Vacation is especially good if there are riders and non-riding companions in your group, as there are lots of other activities at the resort. Families, including kids, and riders of all abilities can enjoy this Vermont mountain vacation.

Vermont Icelandic Inn Ride
Spend 2 to 6 days riding in the mountainous Mad River area of Vermont on Icelandic horses. It’s true! You don’t have to travel to Iceland to ride smooth, Viking horses. Lookout for wildlife along the trails. In the summer, ride to a swimming hole and take a dip. In the fall, enjoy riding amid the colorful foliage of Vermont’s mountains.

Ring of Kerry Ireland
This is spectacular Irish riding vacation combines mountains, lakes and beaches in the popular Ring of Kerry! Plus, the owners and guides are super nice and knowledgeable about Irish history and the area. This ride includes views of the majestic MacGillycuddy Reeks, Ireland's highest mountain range, Dingle Bay and the lush Irish countryside.

Wyoming Ranch Vacation
Stay at a historic family run dude ranch in the Greater Yellowstone area, T Cross, and take daily rides and pack trips into the surrounding Absaroka Mountains. The rugged mountain trails reveal a myriad of wildlife, seen only in the greater Yellowstone area. Discover pristine wilderness of old pine forests and open meadows, trout-rich streams and small lakes, and endless vistas rising well over 11,000 feet. 

Colorado Ranch Vacation
Enjoy a ranch in the San Juan Mountains, outside of the mountain town of Durango. This equestrian vacation is great for families with kids, as the ranch has an extensive kids riding program. Ride mountain trails to Vallecito Lake, where on a high peak, you can take in views of the surrounding mountains.

Welsh Countryside Ride
Ride through the beautifully dramatic Cambrian Mountains, called the Desert of Wales. Riding is the best way to travel here. The soil is boggy, so you can't even drive. It's hiking or riding and riding can take you far into the mountains with the best scenic views of the Welsh countryside. You’ll ride old Roman roads and ancient drovers tracks past clear mountain streams as they bubble down wild, natural hills into shady valleys—many times passing nothing else but sheep.

Canadian Rockies Pack Trips
Ride to really high altitudes, even over the Continental Divide in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies. You’ll likely not see any other people-- maybe some wild horses—on this trip. Camp out under the stars and don’t worry about your things. Each day your luggage is transported to the next camp, so you don't have to worry about anything but riding. Pack layers! The weather can change on a dime.

Banff Pack and Lodge Trips
Ride through the mountains of Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park. Choose to camp in their set mountain camps or get a little more cozy in a historic lodge. The jagged Canadian Rockies here will make you feel like you’re riding through an Ansel Adams photograph!

Alaska Horse Riding Vacation
Take a pack trip into the mountains of the Chugach National Forest on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and stay at cabins listed on the National Historic Register. This Alaska equestrian vacation can be added into your Alaska vacation, whether you’re taking a cruise before or after or driving throughout the great state. Available to beginning or advanced riders.

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