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Iceland- Cliff Ride

On a ride in Iceland with Ishestar, my guide Asa wanted to take me a different route on the way home, so we drove the herd of horses back towards the farm, but then split off from the rest of the group for our cliff ride. Asa’s husband rode with us.

If you are afraid of heights, I do not recommend this ride. The wind was gusting really hard, as we ventured to the edge of a very high cliff to take in the milky blue waters, which run down from a higher glacier. The scenery was beautiful. We rode further along at a tolt to a spot where Asa showed me an old Icelandic road sign, basically a pile of rocks. In the highlands, there aren’t traditional road signs, so these help the Icelanders get around. After looking at one, Asa pointed out a few more as we rode back to her farm for some smoked lamb and homemade pancakes.

I really liked hanging out with the Icelandic farmers. They were so welcoming and fun. I also experienced quite a thrill riding Icelandics and experiencing something more traditional, away from the city of Reykjavik.

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