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Equitrekking in “USA Today”


I'm in Ireland, but had to interrupt my Ireland postings to show you an article that just came out in the Travel section of USA Today, 10 great places to go horseback riding. I was interviewed about my top picks for 10 great, accessible day rides in the United States.

They are accessible because local outfitters at each destination have fit, experienced horses that are available to the public for guided rides starting from one hour, so you won’t get too saddle sore, to longer day treks. Beginners as well as experienced riders of varying budgets can enjoy each of these places and they are located in diverse areas of the United States. All of these destinations are exciting to see on horseback because of the geology, history, wildlife and general scenery. 

We’ve filmed each of these horse rides for our Emmy Award-winning Public Television series Equitrekking, meaning you can watch these on Equitrekking on your local PBS station. Many are also profiled in my book Equitrekking Travel Adventures on Horseback

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