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Equitrekking at Equine Affaire in Mass this week

by Darley Newman

I'll be speaking and showing HD video from Equitrekking at Equine Affaire next weekend in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

I'm speaking in the Better Living Center on the Seminar Stage. Here's my schedule:

Friday, Nov 12 from 1:00 -2:00pm
Exploring the World on Horseback: Learn about my adventures riding horses with local people all over the world. From Alberta to Hawaii, Uruguay to Jordan and Ireland to Iceland, watch funny behind the scenes film from our crew's adventures exploring the world on horseback and filming it for the Emmy winning PBS TV show Equitrekking.

Friday, Nov 12 from 4-5pm
The Importance of Horses in International Cultures: Learn about horse breeds and equestrian cultures from around the world and what it's like to ride these special breeds in their native land. Some breeds and cultures featured: Icelandics, Highland Pony, Welsh Cob, Arabian, Maui Horse Culture, Costa Rica horse culture and more!

Saturday, Nov 13 from 2pm-3pm
Top 10 Places to Ride Before You Die: This awesome top 10 countdown includes video of each destination. I'll count it down in Letterman style. This is a presentation you don't want to miss!

Here's a printable schedule for presenters for Equine Affaire. See you in there!

Learn more about Equitrekking's new season on PBS and learn about exceptional equestrian vacations at, including new trips in Peru, Botswana, Italy, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Provence, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.