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Discover Tuscany Riding Vacation Review

Two ladies venture to Italy to have their own "Under the Tuscan Sun" experience with horses.

written by Halla Black

I just wanted you to know how much Sharon and I enjoyed our Equitrekking equestrian vacation in Tuscany.  I am still smiling from ear to ear!


Tuscany riding vacation

Sharon riding Carmen and Jenny on Silver in vineyards.

Sharon and I were a bit uncertain as this was our first riding vacation but Discover Tuscany turned out to be absolutely wonderful.  Jenny Bawtree is a gem like no other -- a warm and generous person with incredible knowledge of Italian history and art.  

Jenny Bawtree Tuscany

Your guide in Tuscany - Jenny Bawtree on her horse Silver.

Her Tuscan farmhouse is homey and comfortable and she made us feel as if we were staying with our favorite aunt.  We loved hanging out with Jenny especially in her living room with a warm fire ablaze in the original farmhouse fireplace.

Tuscan farmhouse accommodations

Sharon in front of Jenny Bawtree's Tuscan farmhouse.

The meals were terrific. Sergio is the understated backbone of the farm. He and Jenny made sure everything was running smoothly, from the horses being readied for us to ride to making sure we had train tickets to shuttling us around in the farm van to cooking wonderful food. I am craving his mushroom risotto and grilled eggplant.  Jenny and Sergio are a great team.

Tuscan farmhouse fire

Inside the farmhouse by a warm fire.

The rides themselves were magical. The scenery was so breathtaking. I am glad we kept the riding at a slower pace although brisk trots and rolling canters (in an organized fashion) kept our senses keen and added some of fun. Jenny's horses were wonderful - steady and trustworthy and very comfortable. I would have loved to taken Nerone and Carmen back to the states with me.

Tuscany equestrian vacation

Jenny, Sharon and Halla ride the historic trails in Tuscany.

Our excursions to Arezzo and Loro Ciuffenna with Jenny were fantastic.  She kept us enthralled with her unbelievable knowledge of history and art.  Sharon and I barely made a sound as she told us about the villages' history and the artists and church frescoes.  Even other tourists quietly sidled up to us trying to hear what she was talking about. Jenny truly seems to love teaching and is an excellent teacher and tour guide!

Tuscan lunch on the trails

Sharon, Sue, Sergio, Jenny and Kate at the picnic table enjoying great Italian food.

There is much more I'd love to tell you about the experience, and I am happy to talk to other future travelers. Thank you so very much for making our first equestrian vacation a wonderful one.  And....many, many thanks to Jenny Bawtree!

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