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Combine Cruising & Horses on Your Alaska Vacation

Heading to Alaska this summer on a cruise? Consider adding horseback riding into the mix on one of's Alaska Horse Riding Vacations of the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska native Bree Bardarson leads small groups of travelers into the wilds of the Chugach Mountains into country that's so pristine and off the beaten path that many native Alaskans haven't had the chance to see it. Beginning riders can enjoy this trip on Bree's fit horses. Since the horses are used to the mountain terrain, riding them lets you relax and take in the views.

Alaska is one of the best places to spot wildlife and riding horses is a great way to see wildlife. On horseback, you blend in more with the natural environment and are trekking in an environmentally friendly way. On this eco-trip, you may see caribou, moose, black and brown bears, Dall Sheep, mountain goats and more. 

You'll spend nights in Bree's family's historic cabins in a secluded valley in the Chugach National Forest. Sleeping in a cot or bunk, you can choose to spend nights by the campfire as the cook makes fresh Alaska seafood or steak and then head into your cozy cabin with your group to slumber. You're sleeping where miners and mountain men slept back in the 1920's! The cabins have been resorted in keeping with their history. 

Days of your Alaska equestrian vacation can be spent riding wherever you please. Bree, your local guide, will explain the various riding destinations each day of your adventure and you can choose. Want to experience a horse ride that focuses on wildlife? Bree has the in depth experience to take you there. If you're hankering for views, take the horses to a nearby mountain to view Swan Lake.  Rather relax and stretch your legs on a hike or try fishing in the nearby lake, it's up to you. 

Whether you take this Equitrekking Travel Alaska Horseback Adventure before your Alaska cruise or after, you're in for a truly unique adventure with a true local in Alaska's great wilderness.

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